Mark M.

Stocks Pro

Mark has an extensive background in Trading Stock and a degree in Economics. Mark truly understands the functionality of Stock Trading and always goes out his way to assist members with the best trading advice knowledgeable. In addition to Stock Trading and advising with Projected Moves, Mark does sales at an International Loan Company.


Greg W.

Options Pro

A graduate of the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL with a degree in Business and minor in Economic, Greg has a strong fundamental background and understanding when it comes to the forex market. His specialty is in Options Trading.


Keith W.

Currencies Pro

Keith is a graduate of the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL with an impressive degree in Economics. Keith has a very large foreign exchange background and extensive knowledge with Currency Trading. He fundamentally understands the strategies associated with Currency Trading and delivers expert advice to Projected Moves members.


Patrick K.

Day Trade Pro

Patrick has a strong background in Business and Education. He was a form Economics Professor and has a passion to financially educate anyone willing to learn Day Trading strategies. Patrick has be Day Trading for over 10 years and has picked up a lot of useful tools, strategies, techniques, and information that will noticeably improve your Day Trading.