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Projected Moves Mentors and Courses Provides Successful Solutions Regarding Day Trade, Trade Options, and Trade Currencies. Our Real-Time Coaching and Mentoring Are From The Most Successful Traders Worldwide.

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Achieving Actual Results Notice

Recent performances does not indicate nor predict future trading results or outcomes. Performance results are limited. Please note that representation is not in any way implying that your trading account will achieve profits and/or losses similar to our demostrations. There are sharp distinctions regarding "hypothetical performance results" and "actual results" that is achieved or discussed within any of our trading programs.

Hypothetical performance results involves serveral limitations. The first limitation is that "Hypothetical Performance Results" are prepared with the benefit of hindsight. Hypothetical Trading does not include any financial gains or risks. Hypothetical Trading record will not predict, indicate, or account for the impact of any financial gains or risks in actual trading. The understanding and ability to withstand trading losses are crucial points which can actually affect actual trading results. Keep in mind that there are serveral more undiscussed factors relating to markets or other trading programs that cannot be accounted for in hypothetical performance results that may affect actual trading results.

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Projected Moves provides real-time mentoring/coaching. Enter our program and watch our mentors identify signals during live marketing conditions and implement strateties, in which will be explained fully.

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The amount of lessons we provide and offer is countless. Our Trading lessons are extremely interactive, informative, and strategic pertaining to stocks, options, day trading, & currencies.

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